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About Carol Richardson
I’ve been teaching college at St. Louis Community College since 1975 and recently took early retirement as Professor, Broadcast and Media Studies.

Since my teens, I have always enjoyed creating memorable events for others and began to study the very elegant and sophisticated art of tea entertainment.

As I entered adulthood, began to traveled internationally to research and experience the best afternoon teas in England, Ireland and Canada, as well as in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and many other cities. As I’ve experienced the tea ceremony, I’ve collected various recipes and noted unique customs that make an afternoon tea a special experience.

I am delighted to realize my life's dream...bringing the best of all I've learned to catering elegant tea parties to delight my clients and their guests. It would be my privilege and my pleasure to cater a party for you.

                                                        Carol Richardson

“Never let the urgent crowd out the important.”

Kelly Catlin Walker

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